Cooking With Fikz

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The golden rule in Banting is ‘eat when hungry and stop when full’. I know you might be thinking that this is a ridiculous rule, but let me explain how it works. During the first days of Banting, you will have your normal portion size intake, but once it kicks into your system the body will automatically adapt to the fat intake. That will result in loss of appetite which explains why your portion size will decrease and sometimes you will find that you don’t feel like eating at all. Do not be alarmed when that happens; it is normal to consider yourself a banter when you feel your appetite diminishing.

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Both the Fikile Zungu and the editor believes that this book has simple and tasty banting meals and the story of how Fiks dealt with obesity, her banting journey, her life from a maid to a cooking story will inspire a lot and give hope.


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